Video Calling that Mimics Chance Interactions

Would you like to have more unplanned interactions with your best friend?

PassCall is the answer. Our patented technology allows any spare computer (e.g., a laptop, desktop, tablet, etc.) to mimic chance interactions you and your close friends and family might not otherwise experience, as a result of living in different cities, countries, etc.

Become a PassCall User:

1. Register.

Start by clicking “Registration” above or scrolling to the bottom of this page.

2. Add a friend.

Invite one or more close friends or family members to be added to your account.  This should be someone you don’t mind having an unplanned interaction with.

3. Setup a Spare Computer.

Log into from a spare computer (e.g., a spare laptop, tablet, etc.).  Arrange the spare computer in a comfortable place within your home.  We recommend you plug in the computer so it does not rely on battery power, and also turn off any screensavers and auto-lock features.

4.  Go about your day as you normally would.

Eventually you should move by your PassCall Device simultaneous to your close friend moving by their PassCall device.  This will initiate a PassCall (see the animation above).  We expect that PassCalls will be a welcome but infrequent occurrence that will allow you to randomly “run into” close friends and family in a way that is more natural than any other video-calling platforms.